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Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle Celebrations – Perth WA

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  • Pregnant Mother Blessing Circle or Blessingway - lotus symbol

    Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle Celebration ~ also known as Pregnancy Blessingway ceremony

    What is a Mother Blessing Circle?

    A Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle brings together a woman’s intimate circle of friends and close female relatives to celebrate her pregnant motherhood and shower her with love and support for the journey ahead.  It is most often held near to the end of pregnancy (around 36-38 weeks gestation) and offers a powerful way of helping a woman to prepare herself for the emotional, mental and spiritual challenges of childbirth and newborn motherhood.

    The women gather in a private, comfortable space, often in someone’s living room, to participate in a simple ceremony. The heart of the ceremony is the sharing of good wishes for the birth and impending new motherhood.  Other elements may include some inspirational readings, candle lighting, a symbolic ritual of release, telling motherhood stories, feeding the pregnant mum and rubbing soothing lotion into her hands and feet, some music and/or dancing, and perhaps a creative craft activity that everyone can do together while they talk.  At the end of the ceremony there is often an opportunity to share some food together.

    Where does this idea come from?

    The Navajo people of North America traditionally hold a ‘Blessingway’ ceremony for a woman in the closing weeks of her pregnancy.  This tradition was adopted and adapted by the homebirth midwifery and doula community in North America, and has since spread to other western countries.   Out of respect for the Navajo culture and the expressed wishes of its elders, we prefer to use the term ‘Mother Blessing Circle’ for the ceremonies we hold for women in the final trimester of their pregnancies.

    In many different parts of the world it is traditional for the women in the community to gather around the pregnant mother as she prepares herself to give birth to her baby. In countries such as America and Australia, this get-together often takes the form of a ‘baby shower’ in which the mother-to-be is gifted with baby clothes and other baby-care items to help her prepare a nursery room for the new baby.

    At a Mother Blessing Circle or Blessingway Ceremony the gifts that are given are equally vital, yet less physical – they are good wishes, love and blessings, sometimes symbolized by a small token such as a bead.  In a culture where many new mothers will quickly find themselves drowning in cute cuddly toys, a Mother Blessing Circle can provide either a refreshing alternative, or a lovely meaningful complement to the more conventional baby shower event.


    Sample Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle Outline

    Click here to download an example of a Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle outline.


    Free Downloadable Blessing Circle Planner

    Free Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle Planning workbook to downloadPlease feel free to grab a copy of our free downloadable Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle planner.

    This handy little planning workbook will help you to capture your thoughts and intentions for your Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle.


    When you book our services to assist you in planning your Blessing Circle experience, our caring facilitator will guide you step by step through the various decisions that need to be made, and offer a range of suggestions for the kinds of activities that we have found work well in a Blessing Circle context.

    How to Host a Blessing Circle – Hot Tips

    Do you have a pregnant friend, or a sister, daughter, neice or granddaughter in her final trimester of pregnancy?

    Offering to host a Blessing Circle experience is a very special gift that you can give to someone close to you who is expecting a baby.   There is a special quality of energy that happens when women come together in loving supportive ways.  As the hostess for a Blessing Circle, you will have the satisfaction of demonstrating your love and support in a very tangible way.   To give birth well and cope with the challenges of new motherhood, a woman needs to not only find her own strength and courage, but also the reassurance of allowing others to express their love and care for her and her baby.

    In many ways the Blessing Circle experience parallels the experience of giving birth.  It helps to have a private, comfortable, softly lit space free from the distractions of telephones and computers. Gentle background music and pleasant scents soothe the senses and help ease us into a more receptive, timeless state of consciousness. With the assistance of an experienced guide, the ceremony becomes an emotional journey that we take together with the pregnant mother.

    At Radiant Woman, our intention is that each person in the circle will leave feeling valued and connected, uplifted by the opportunity to share their love and blessings within the simple structure of the Blessing Circle process.

    Read our Hot Tips for Hostesses

    Pregnant Mother Blessing Circle Accessories

    WATCH THIS SPACE – We plan on offering a range of items to help you make your Mother Blessing Circle experience a big success…

    We make it easy for you ~ How to book a Radiant Woman Blessing Circle

    Radiantly Pregnant Woman  - Celebrates with a ceremonyIf you live in the metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia, I’d love to help you.  When you hire me as your Radiant Woman Blessing Circle facilitator to co-create your Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle experience with you, you’ll be getting the benefit of over twenty years of expertise in facilitating transformational women’s ceremonies and celebrations to help make the process of planning and holding your Blessing Circle as enjoyable and easy as possible.

    I will guide you through the process of selecting and sequencing appropriate activities to suit you and your guests.  On the day, I’ll come equipped with all the materials and resources needed to make your blessing circle a big success.  All you need to do is send out the invitations, and then provide the venue and some light refreshments to share.

    As part of the Extended or the Deluxe Blessing Circle package I will also spend some time guiding and supporting you to set a clear and specific intention for your transition from pregnancy to newborn motherhood.  This conscious intention will guide our co-creation of your Blessing Circle experience..  and assist you to grow into the mother you aspire to become.

    Your can book my services for your forthcoming Pregnant Mother Blessing Circle by texting or calling me, Ishara, directly on +61 415 593 408 or by email to ishara@radiantwoman.com.au


    About Ishara

    Ishara is a professional civil celebrant and soul-care practitioner. She has studied childbirth education at a post-graduate level and holds a Certificate IV in Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute (Melbourne).  She specialises in guiding women through major life passages such as the transition to motherhood.  She is passionate about women’s healing, empowerment and spirituality and has been leading circles & ceremonies for over sixteen years. As well as facilitating Blessing Circles, Ishara is also available through individual sessions to help women clear anything in the way of a joyous, loving and empowered conception, pregnancy and/or birthing experience.

    Pricing & Payment Plans

    To truly know and feel in our bodies the love and support of our friends and family; to have the opportunity and encouragement to reach into our inner being and find a new strength, courage and appreciation for the woman we are in the process of becoming:  this is a blessing beyond price.

    So I propose an exchange of energy.

    When you engage me to co-create your Blessing Circle experience, you can set your intentions and then relax in the knowledge that I, for my part, commit to putting in all the time, energy, knowledge and caring attention that it takes to plan, prepare and facilitate your Blessing Circle process in a powerful and loving way. I am skilled in the feminine art of ‘holding a space’ from a place of deep listening and trust, allowing and enabling your intentions to unfold and come to fruition just as they need to.

    I believe strongly in the power of the Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle process to help women feel more deeply connected to themselves and others as they navigate their way through the transition from pregnancy to newborn motherhood.

    That is why I also offer payment plans to help make this beautiful process accessible to even more women.

    Click to download current pricing and payment plan (pdf document)


    May the strength of the wind and the light of the sun,
    The softness of the rain and the mystery of the moon
    Reach you and fill you.
    May beauty delight you and happiness uplift you,
    May wonder fulfil you and love surround you.
    May your step be steady and your arm be strong,
    May your heart be peaceful and your word be true.
    May you seek to learn, may you learn to live,
    May you live to love, and may you love – always.

    A Celtic Blessing

    A Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle is a celebration of you and who you are in the process of becoming.  It brings you and your friends together in a way that strengthens the bonds of love and friendship that connect you.  You get to honour and celebrate the miracle of your wonderful big round pregnant belly, and to feel your connection to your unborn child, as you prepare yourself to move forward into the next phase of your motherhood journey.

    What could be more valuable, more essential, as you prepare for the challenges of labour and the upheaval of having a newborn baby to care for, than to know in your body that you are truly loved, blessed and supported by those close to you?

    Radiant Woman is based in the Fremantle area of Perth, Western Australia.

    You can contact us by emailing ishara@radiantwoman.com.au or by telephoning 0415 593 408.

    I love helping women to shine with their own inner light!


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